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VSGO DDR-23 10 in 1 Cleaning Stick Swab for DSLR Camera APS-C Frame Sensor CCD/CMOS tv

Product Description

100 class cleanroom vacuum packing. Avoid pollution during transportation and storage
Professional cleaning for all kind of APS-C frame sensor CCD/CMOS, and lens, UV lens, Filter, etc
Microfiber swab head, safe and reliable
Also can used to clean mobile phone screen, optical lens, computer monitor, keyboard, the seam of glasses, etc
Cleaning swab: about Width 24mm(0.94in), Length 12cm(4.72in) each 
Clean camera immediately after using every time, can effectively remove dust and other stains
Please check the battery power before cleaning, to avoid low power reflector turn back to cause damage during cleaning
One swab is better to use only once during the cleaning of sensor or lens, to avoid stain or dust stick on swab to cause a secondary pollution
Do not leave this product in a hot environment, far away from the heating device, the heat will lead to deformation, or even make the cleaning rod to melt or burn
Do not let the children eat or play it. Keep out of the reach of children
Package Included:
10 x Cleaning Swab

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