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Tripod Heads

Product DescriptionFeatures:Small, light weight, easy to carry1/4 screw, 1/4-3/8 thread universal for different camera and tripod30-90 degrees rotationHight: 55mmDiameter: 29mmWeight: 80gPackage Included:1 x Tripod Head ..
$7.99 Ex Tax:$7.99
Product DescriptionFeatures:Small and light weight, easy to carryAdjustable, can be attached to different placesWeight: 238gLoad Capacity: ≤4kgSize: 115mm L Package Included:1 x Xiletu TC-50  C Clip  ..
$20.99 Ex Tax:$20.99
Product DescriptionSpecifications:Weight: 238gLoad Capacity: ≤4kgSize: 173mm L Package Included:1 x Xiletu TC-70 C Clip 1 x Xiletu MT-26 Tripod Head  ..
$28.99 Ex Tax:$28.99
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